Quran Session on Saturday 5/7/11, at 4:00 PM @ Pars Academy

Inshallah, this Saturday 5/7/11 at 4:00 PM  we will gather at Pars Academy to study the ayat mobarakeh 70-80 of the sureh Altoubeh.

 Our sister has kindly provided the following links for Tafseer and other resources

 tafsire almizan : http://www.andisheqom.com/Files/qurantafasir.php?idVeiw=3701&level=2&subid=3701
tafisre nemooneh : http://www.aviny.com/Quran/Nemoneh/Index.aspx
tafsire noor : http://gharaati.ir/pdf/tafsirnoor/Tafsir_Pdf.htm

May Allah Bless her.